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San Francisco Homogeneity…Sit/Lie…Welcome to Omaha…

April 28, 2011

And your position is?


A choice in living your life as you see fit.

A city that once embraced the eccentric, reduced to petty laws dictating the common form.


I understand shopkeepers in San Francisco’s Mall of America would like to have teenagers with pitbulls not sitting or sleeping on Haight Street, but I thought this is what the police were designed to do, remove teenagers causing trouble so the tourists could shop with ease…and if I can figure that out, how is that not just some good ‘ol common sense solution type thinking?

Don’t know, so the rest of the city has to suffer.

Well, why should we stop there?

Bay to Breakers nudity and public drunkenness…ban it. Public nudity and sex acts at Folsom Street Fair…ban it. Halloween in the Castro…ban…oh, did that already. Did you know they sell pot brownies during the Haight Street Fair? No more. Market Street marches and protests…ban ’em all. And in their place, an Urban Outfitters and a Hot Topic on every corner, a Wal-Mart in North Beach and hey, Golden Gate Park would make an incredible parking lot while Ocean Beach?


San Francisco hippies grow up across the city and determine the party is over for everyone because they’ve become too accustomed to personal comfort and quieter ways to be inconvenienced, by anything or anyone…not anymore. That time is past, we’re a big, big city now…We got the America’s Cup, bitches!

And all across the Tenderloin…homeless people are targeted again for being, homeless…and doing what some of them decide to do to cope with that fact…

Well, per this article in the SF Public Press, hopefully this time there will be a cost:

“…anybody who is repeatedly cited could face up to 30 days of jail time, adding significantly to city costs. While the offenders themselves can only be fined a maximum of $500, the city faces potential outlays of $3,900 per jailed person. Based on the Sheriff Department’s estimated cost of $130 per day, San Francisco could end up spending more than $8 million per month filling its 2,200 prisoner county jail to capacity.”

If this were to happen, no more sit/lie, because something New San Francisco understands very well is money.

Oh, and the arbitrary nature of this law, Jesus…anyone who lives in or hell, takes a quick walk through various neighborhoods in San Francisco will quickly realize the amount of citations which could easily be handed out, repeatedly, oftentimes to the same person, repeatedly, if the police followed the letter of the law. If the police are not doing so, citing everyone…shaved, sober or not, then what was the point?

Quick excuses for quick clean ups before any press gatherings?

A reason to kick out the undesirables from the Powell Street Cable Car Turnaround? The Public Library? Whoever any particular officer sees fit to choose on any particular day?

I’ve heard the line…”It’s another tool in our toolbox.”

And yes, “tool” certainly has something to do with it.

Each time a law is passed, for whatever the reason, the purpose of which is to make San Francisco like any other city and especially, when same said law is a way to harass homeless people, the City By the Bay loses a bit more of its luster, and slides a few more feet down the monotony scale on its way to becoming Omaha.

The article also points out two other important points.

The first being that service providers now have to waste a great deal of time assisting their clients in paying off citations and second, the best way to break this law and render it null and void is to make it unenforceable.

Perhaps we could start an underground campaign to convince tourists from Nebraska the latest San Francisco fad is to be cited for sitting on the sidewalk? Maybe even surrounding the San Francisco Chronicle?

Read the article:

2010 ‘sit-lie’ law could cost city thousands to jail repeat offenders

Have a nice day.

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