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Nearly 120?

May 28, 2011

Nothing to see here...

120 cases.

All dismissed because the police don’t follow the laws they are sworn to protect.

I can understand how people who don’t spend a lot of time in the Tenderloin wonder how this could have happened, but for those who do live in the TL, and pay attention to their surroundings, this all comes as no surprise whatsoever.

Working in social services has afforded me the opportunity to meet 100’s of people I wouldn’t have had I been in another career and in many instances I have heard the stories of police abuse, of police making up charges, of the SFPD essentially running roughshod over any semblance of rights a resident in the Tenderloin might have, but until recently, none of these complaints were taken all that seriously.

I’m not entirely sure what got Jeff Adachi all fired up, suddenly paying attention to police misconduct in the Tenderloin, but I for one, am glad. It was time for somebody to hold the SFPD accountable, legally. A high crime rate in various parts of the city doesn’t give them free reign to do as they wish. By any means necessary is never a slogan for a police officer.

We all know that to say there are drug issues in the TL is like saying the Giants are going to miss Buster Posey: true understatement. And we all know that some of the people the police arrested, some of whom had their cases dismissed were guilty of the drug charges that brought their arrest. However, this is no excuse for the SFPD to do whatever it is they will to make those arrests. In doing so they shirk their reponsibilities and endengder mistrust by the people who might help them clean things up.  

And all of our rights are safer the moment they finally accept the law applies to their actions as well.

In the Tenderloin, I’ve borne witness to several instances of police violence, some of it strong enough I felt it necessary to voice my opinion, and whenever I did, I was threatened with arrest by the offending officer, and had that officer followed through on their threats, what recourse would I have had? He might have said I was interfering in police business, despite the fact I voiced my opinion from well over ten feet distant and was not getting in anyone’s way at all, but try to prove that in court when it is my word against the officers.

Well, Jeff Adachi appears to be on a one office crusade to remind the SFPD they can’t simply lie whenever they feel like it. They can’t make up charges despite the fact they witnessed no crime. They can’t just break down somebody’s door or enter without consent, with no probable cause.

The can’t break the law they swore to protect.

We all have rights.

I’m glad that message is finally being sent.

Read the article:

S.F. police scandal widens – 26 more cases dropped

Have a nice day.

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