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A Sad Day for the SFPD and San Francisco…

June 5, 2011

Cameras for everybody!

According to the SFPD’s new chief, Greg Suhr, the department will be looking for cameras officers can wear into drug busts, so as to avoid another hundred or so dismissals by the DA’s office due to sloppy police work and accusations of theft and other improper conduct.

Cameras, so police officers can prove they are obeying their own laws.

There are of course two ways of looking at this:


An over-zealous Public Defender Jeff Adachi has brought improper light onto the activities of the SFPD who are just trying to get the drugs out of the Tenderloin, and in doing so, has driven them to this…IE, Police Commission President Thomas Mazzuco saying of Suhr’s plan, “There’s nothing for officers to hide, and I think it would be good for the public to see through their eyes for once.”


The SFPD has become so lax in their procedures, they no longer remember to dot their I’s and cross their T’s or worse, until Adachi started producing all these videotapes, they didn’t see the reason to do so anymore, and saw little wrong with not documenting laptops or mp3 players they liberated from SRO rooms, or creating charges the evidence collected does not support.

Not for me to say which is which, but the SFPD has a long and storied history of abuse, and the residents of the Tenderloin have a long and storied history of being abused so it would appear the cameras could help. This would assume the officers don’t turn them off, lose the video or entertain some other sort of mishap which doesn’t allow Jeff Adachi or the Press to see what it is the officers might be seeing at certain crucial times.

It would be very unfortunate for the SFPD, the Police Commission and the Police Officers Association to begin using videotapes that show very little, as evidence they have done nothing wrong.

In any case, the way I see it, it’s sad it has had to come to this at all, that a police department is caught in a lie so many times, we now feel the need for video to prove we are not being lied to, again.

Have a nice day.

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