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Because when times are tough – you kick those already down…

June 11, 2011

Birds of a feather...trashing those who care, together...

Interim Mayor Ed Lee is getting ready to put out his cuts only budget, that will require social services in San Francisco to eliminate services, eliminate jobs and push people already too close to the brink, even closer…

From the Public Press:

“The budget is going to be a hard one,” said Supervisor Carmen Chu, chair of the supervisors’ budget committee. “One of the things we heard from the community is: ‘Why do we only hear about cuts?’”

Lee has carved out a clear image of accessibility by appearing on stage at public schools in supervisors’ home districts to explain his approach and ask for ideas. But his policy agenda remains vague, and community groups anxiously await his budget proposal, a document that could result in closures, layoffs and loss of services for city residents.

“It might all be a big set-up,” said Jennifer Friedenbach, director of the Coalition on Homelessness. “He is really an unknown entity in a lot of ways. He is a bureaucrat. He comes at things very matter of fact.”

And very matter of fact is not always good…

I understand that Twitter was a good retention for the image of the city, but like in metro areas across the country why is it the businesses get the welfare while the people are told of “tough choices,” “hard budgets,” and “the need for sacrifice.” Oh, because businesses create jobs, right? Well…yes, but social service cutbacks eliminate jobs, and oftentimes result in the loss to the community of people who care about others, or who place a higher priority on service than money.

You know, the people who work to try to clean up the panhandlers that beg for change in front of the new corporate offices of Twitter?

Yeah, those people, the ones who are artists, humanitarians, have an interest in the rate of compassion in an urban area as opposed to those who only see its developmental potential…in other words, people who give a damn.

San Francisco has always had a larger percentage than most of these types of people…but every year, more and more are forced out by corporate giveaways, PGA tournaments and yacht racing…

Pretty soon, the City by the Bay could very well lose its veil of progressive liberalism, torn completely away to reveal the naked capitalist within, counting his money and caring only that the tourists still come, and not the people who struggle to make it…those who live here.

Read the article:

Mayor: Social services agencies must plan for years of cuts

Have a nice day.

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